The Top 10 Must Haves Since I Started Running

The Top 10 Must Haves Since I Started Running

The top 10 must haves since I started running. I have been running for over 2 years and was a true beginner. I started with the local running group in my area. I had a coach who showed me how to do the C25K program as a group. We showed up 3 days a week and she included a moonlight hike at our local Badger Mountain. Since I started running in my yoga pants and sweatshirts by Week 8 I had bought new shoes.

1.I love Altra’s and I now have the running shoe and trail lone peak shoe. I will not wear anything else.

2.My must have was my running belt. I needed something small and not constricted to hold my keys, phone, and ID.

3. Comfortable running bra…this was tricky because I needed support for big breasts…it has taken me 2 years to finally find the brand that keeps me from bouncing and separates. I bought a Syrokan Sport no bounce high impact bra.

4. Running watch, I have to know my pace and miles. I am a daydreamer and need to keep track of my car when out on a trail.

5. Running socks! Yes, running socks can make a big difference on how our arch feels when running.

6. Running pants I need something reflective for the hot summer evenings, and early cold winter darkness. These are what I have in my closet.

7. Reflective gear for night

8. Now for some fun….I bought me headbands from these are the only headbands that stay on my head while running.

9. Goes out to my running buddy, Esther

The hands-free leash is my life saver, no more sore shoulder from being pulled on. Pesky Rabbits and squirrels along the trail.

10 Not last by a long shot is….flashlight!

I have all these things available in my car at any time in a cheap drawstring sport bag. No matter where I travel I can grab what I need for my runners kit. I made for myself. What are your must haves…we are all different and run at different levels and would love to hear what you cannot live without on a run!

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