How To Find Relaxation In Yoga

How To Find Relaxation In Yoga

Where is the Relaxation in folding and twisting your bodies!

Well, I am not sure about you, but when I started a yoga class,

I found no relaxation!

Maybe I should explain it better…

Everyone talks about how Yoga set them up for the day and releases stress. Well, I was still stressed and sore trying to do a downward dog to a lunge. I have been taking regular yoga classes and trying to figure out why I was not relaxed by the end of class. I really love the stretch from running and pounding my body every day. So I have found these fun free yoga classes in the mornings or evenings at the local parks and or community centers. What I didn’t know is not all of them were for my non-stretched out body. Yoga for me was pain and uncomfortable and always falling down. I was always glad for the end that could not come fast enough. So we could lay down and relax for my 5 minutes. Namaste! I was not at the Namaste, but it wasn’t the instructors’ fault. I loved the instructors! I was meeting great people they always were encouraging.

What I later learned from a youtube yoga teacher,  I was not at the level I needed to be at. The teachers I was going to were either too fast in their movements, meaning I could not get into a pose without starting another new pose. I needed a slower flow of yoga. I started the 30 days of yoga with Adrienne on youtube, a simplistic slow flow approach to beginning yoga.

Yep! All I needed to do was start at the beginning. Although the classes I was going to for free were supposed to be beginner yoga, they just were not for my inflexible body, YET. I found with Yoga with Adrienne a slowly simplified approach for my body to become more flexible and I am doing this in my own home anytime I want too. I love the flexibility with busy lifestyles.Her videos are in order and if followed in order she prepares you for the next Yoga lesson and builds up your tone and flexibility based on the previous video. I am about half way through and I have finally found my speed of Yoga to reach my relaxation and now I cannot wait for the next day session for me to feel the stress leave my body and relax before my day begins. Finally, I have found my Namaste!
For more information on Yoga with Adrienne here is the 1st video. Subscribe and find your level of yoga, that will allow your body to relax….NAMASTE!

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