Maui pride in August

Maui pride in August


I had the opportunity to go to Maui and have the best trip. The website I found with the best accurate information was . I used this website before and during our trip. This website showed us the must see and do’s of what Maui had to offer us as a couple, family or individual. We went snorkling, hiking, and swimming in the ocean and pools. We saw blow holes, and the weather in August was beautiful although humid, it was never unbearable. Every where we went we were welcomed with such enthusiasm and kindness. If you are taking your first trip I would highly recommend this website, and plan your trip out accordingly. I decided to plan part of our trip prior to leaving and having a semi schedule. I used to book our trip and saved money compared to trying to book on our own. We booked  spectacular Luau Drums of Pacific. We also did the day drive Road to Hana.


Black Sand Beach. My favorite area of the whole trip.

When our plane landed in Maui I was living a dream. I always wanted to go on a tropical vacation. I have never traveled far, or been to a warm ocean that I could swim in. Going to Maui at this time was so special because my best friend married the man of her dreams on the beach. My husband and I celebrated our 20 year anniversary together.  . Being able to travel with my man of dreams and best friend was so incredible. I got to share so much with both of them.  We stayed in a condo across the street from the beach. When we got there my husband surprised me with an upgrade to a convertible camaro car.  (although to be honest we did not keep that car. IT was to hot and humid to keep the top down). The first day we woke up and went down to the beach early (because in August the trade winds come in by 11 am). Beach time is the best in the early morning. By 7 am we were snorkeling off the shore. We snorkled every morning and went to many different locations to snorkel, but I found the rocks right across the street form our Condo to be the best snorkeling spot and so many turtles.

We took the road to Hana trip and experienced red sand beaches and black sand beaches, jungle hikes, bamboo forests, and a great water fall with pools to sit in. The Venus Pools and Seven Pools. I loved every moment of this trip. I learned so many new things about myself that I didnt know before. I cannot wait to go another trip to a different island.

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