My first Dirty Dash run

My first Dirty Dash run

I ran my first Dirty Dash this weekend and I have to say this has been the best race yet. I was very worried about it with the obstacles and my conditions with my heart and feet. Mostly my feet as my tendons are very weak. I am loving the fact that in January my sister decided she wanted to share this experience with me. So bare with me and my photos, I had to enlist my husband and brother in law to video and photo this event for us. For first timers I think they did quite well. The mud was awesome, and the water was breathtakingly cold, as we ran through, waded through and were sprayed upon. Hope you enjoy the photos and videos.

dirty dash start

heading up to the starting line Chandra in the orange/ink I am in the green and white starred headband.

Start line video
As I started the race I was out in front to get through the mud with the hope of not being trampled over. This race was a 3 mile obstacle course with of course lots of MUD!!! loved the mud! We all love to play in mud one way or another. As we ran through the course we came upon the first obstacle of tubes in mud. We crawled through tubes with mud up to our necks and jumped over other tubes. Then went through mud up to our thighs with a ball machine spitting mud into the side of my head….( of course I am only 5’1 ) apparently I was the perfect size to be pelted in the side of my head. We make it to mile 2 strong then we have a wood flat wall to jump over. But I apparently had better ideas ,I just body slamming into it and pounded my knee. My sissy being the wonderful supporter. She said ” hmm you think you want to try that again?” My response “NO!” so I ran around that obstacle. (only obstacle I did not do).

dirty dash die 2016

When doing a mud run, it’s important to dive right in!

Next obstacle was a rope wall. Nailed IT….by this time I was really getting into this course I was not walking we were running and making some good time. Then we came to a great big slide,  long slide, couldn’t see the bottom and the race was backed up for about 5 minutes as we waited inline for the monster slide. my sissy looks to me and ask ” how are we gonna do this? we were watching people slide on their bottoms…I looked over the hill and saw an ambulance through the trees then looked back at my sissy and said, with a grin, ” there is an ambulance already here. We are going head first .”  then as I watched an military man dive into the air head first. I thought ,no problem I got this! I ran 4 steps and copied him. I only made it half down the slide and stopped, and ran the rest of the way. Jumped in the mud and caught my foot on the tarp and did a complete fall as the military man watched my fumble. My sister came down head first she did not stop, but landed head first in to the mud! MEMORIES!!! Well some of the other obstacles are on the videos hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed running this event.

dirty dash pic 1

Running up our last obstacle to the finish line! I am in the green my sister in the orange.

And watch the finish line video to the end you will notice as I was just jumping to go down the slide, a guy next to me went at the same time, and I flew off the bottom an wrecked. I was expecting him to help me up. LOL good times and love my sissy.

Finish line Video

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