My Struggle with Procrastination

My Struggle with Procrastination

The biggest struggle I have as a runner is procrastination. Procrastination can effect so many elements of our lives.  I love staying busy, as a mom, homeschool mom, and blogger its is very easy for me to put things off untill the end of the day.  My day starts out organized and all timed out, but by the end of the day, I find myself completely off schedule, and only part of what I want accomplished done.  I figure that other moms and athletes have the same issues. Life just comes along at all times of our day.   I read all over the internet about stories people have written about how they handle procrastination and on paper it sounds great.   I need something that I can use that works for me.

  • Make lists, these are great for those people  who can check it off, but for me the list just gets set aside or left behind when I head out for the day.
  • Plan ahead meals… that is great for the non procrastinator who will sit down one day and plan it out.
  • Commit to a schedule…really if I could commit, I would not be a procrastinator.

I read these articles all the time and I fail at each one, why? Because I am a procrastinator.


So what does help me? I am getting a lot better at my procrastinating since I started to get organized small steps at a time. I found a blogger that has a program called 365 days to declutter. I have found a lot of my issue in procrastination was just decluttering my life. When I took a step back and looked at all the clutter in my life. I couldn’t believe I got anything done at all. I started small with just 15 minutes a day. I started in my kitchen following the website calendar and cleaned a drawer or cupboard a day. After the first month my kitchen was not only clean all month it was looking good, I could not believe the mess I had in that one room.  I could not believe that by freeing up the clutter in that room I freed up so much more time in my life, I didn’t know I had to begin with.  I found how much time 15 minutes really was and how much I could accomplish in such a short moment of time. Now with my kitchen cleaned I moved on to my bathrooms next, then laundry room, etc….. I have learned that busy work is not work at all. I was busy all the time cleaning, teaching, typing, and running, but in reality my house was never looking better, my blog was falling behind and I was getting so tired at the end of the day and would look at my list and only a couple items crossed off and really feeling like a failure. I had things like:

  • clean bathroom,
  • do dishes ,
  • house picked up,
  • school work done.

As you can see on my list was too general. Pretty soon my list started looking like this:

  • 15 minutes with a timer
  • Morning run
  • declutter one drawer in kitchen
  • counters wiped off and sink clean

I print out a schedule from the website….I dont have to make a list its already made and I just read it as I go. I found that in my life in different areas I had clutter. I had busy runs that I now call junk miles, I would take off at what ever time a day and run 2-3-5 miles what ever I could squeeze into my daily schedule, which changed day to day. Some days I missed the run I wanted to get into. My day was not organized and decluttered. Now my days or automatically more organized I am decluttering so I have time to put into my runs and be more on a time schedule with out:

  • making lists
  • pre planning meals
  • committing to a schedule

These three things were scary for me to do, but now because of my decluttered life I can now focus on a schedule with a premade list that only takes 15 minutes a day and my meals are easier to plan because I have time to cook what I actually want to eat. My life has become more successful as I have decluttered my home. I have freed up so much more of life by this one simple 15 minute chore a day. I now have time to do the fun things I want to do out doors.

echo medals lostine shaya crossing the bridge

before heading up the trail my family

before heading up the trail my family



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