How Nettle Tea Helps In Joint Pain Relief?

In the words of Amy Jirsa a renowned doctor, the stinging nettle is a herb with mad skills. It is because it contains substances that can be utilized in a million and one ways. It is among these uses that the management of arthritis and joint pains fall. This herb whether used as leaves or in its tea form offers high joint pain relief. At this point, however, we are more inclined towards the use of nettle tea in the eradication of joint pains. We seek to unravel exactly what makes this tea this powerful in the joint pain eradication arena.
But before then, let us get acquainted with how this nettle tea is prepared.
You will need a handful of nettle leaves. Now, these leaves have a stinging effect and hence should not be handled with bare hands. Therefore, it would be prudent for you to wear gloves as you pluck or handle them. Once you have the leaves in hand, now place them in a container and add hot water. Now leave this mixture for around 15 minutes then drink. According to research, this concoction will ease your joint pain significantly because:
1. It has anti-inflammatory qualities
Most joint pains and in the wider sense; all types of arthritis are usually as a result of inflammations in the joints and the tissues surrounding the joints. It is this inflammation that causes pain and stiffness in the joints. What this means is that if the inflammation is combated, then the pain will have been drastically reduced. Now, when you drink nettle tea, you will be introducing components that will reduce the inflammation causing chemicals from the body. With a reduction in these levels, inflammation will decline considerably and so will your pains. In essence, with two cups of nettle tea each day, you will have finally found joint relief.
2. It contains calcium and proteins
Joint pains can be caused by the thinning of bones due to age or weight. It means that your joints will hurt because they have been used for too long and hence are worn out, or because your weight is taking a toll on them. Now, you will need unyielding bones to carry all that weight you have. Therefore, it is possible to reduce this pain by making your bones stronger. Stronger bones will ensure that the pressure placed on them by your weight will not be too much and hence no pain will be realized. Nettle tea will help you achieve this goal by supplying you with calcium that will assist in the strengthening of your bones.
On the other hand, the protein content will come in handy in the prevention of any further weight accumulation that may worsen your pains. It is because proteins have a lower calorie content and hence when taken in, they will help prevent the high intake of calories. Protein will also keep you fuller for long thus reducing your chances of nibbling of snacks. It will, in the end, ensure that no weight gain is realized. Therefore, with the intake of nettle tea, you will be supplying your body with the nutrients it needs to strengthen your bones and avert weight gain.
3. It contains magnesium
Magnesium is a potent remedy for joint pains. It is because it has excellent stiffness and pain relief capabilities. Also, it has been proven that a decrease in the levels of magnesium in the body can lead to an increase in the inflammatory causing chemicals thus making you more prone to inflammation. It is why we even have magnesium supplements for people with arthritis. The magnesium introduced by the nettle tea will also have the same effects: it will help reduce the levels of the inflammatory chemicals thus preventing any further inflammation. With reduced inflammation, your joints will have absolutely no reason to be stiff or painful. After averting the pains, you can use osteo Bi-flex. It is a dietary supplement that helps increase joint mobility and flexibility and hence will kill the stiffness especially if your joint pains are as a result of arthritis. Based on Osteo Bi-Flex reviews, it is evident that this supplement will go a long way in the management and eradication of joint pains.
Joint pains can be real pricks that will frustrate your daily routines. However, you do not have to put up with their torture. Not when you have nettle tea by your side. This tea contains anti-inflammatory substances and nutrients that can help eradicate those pains. Remember that it is inflammation that causes your joints to ache and hence if it is prevented, your pains will also have been eliminated. On the other hand, the nutrients available in the tea will help strengthen your bones. It will ensure they can handle your weight and hence no pain will be caused by wear and tear. To cut the long story short, if you take nettle tea twice daily, you will be able to smile all the way to the nirvana of joint relief.
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