Early Morning Hike and Run

Early Morning Hike and Run

I love getting up at 5:00 A.M. and dressing for a cool winter morning of 38 degrees and 5 mph wind.  I dress in my many layers to go for a hike on our infamous Badger Mountain.  Badger Mountain is a 1500 elevation hike and when I first get there I see the moon setting behind the mountain and look the other way and see the lights of my city twinkling under the night glow. Although its morning and as I wait for my running partner to show up I enjoy the view.badger hike moon setting

Joni ( my partner) finally shows up with her camera and the hints of morning dawn are starting to show and get lighter as we start our walk up the pathway to the base of Badger Mountain. Joni stops and takes our pictures and pictures of the sunrise. She is a great running buddy, photographer.  I always have lots of fun pictures and memories when we run together.

We start the steep climb up the steps to the trail and a few more pics of the sun rays peeking over the city and off we go.   Hiking/ Running with a good partner is essential in my running career. I have been running over a year now and consider my self a pretty good runner. I have finally been able to run upto 6 miles now if I want too. And I am now starting to love running.  I am very fortunate to find many people in my running path that have taken the time to get to know me and want to run with me.  I think that is what badger hike sunrise

made the difference in my wanting to run and forcing myself to run.  If you are a runner or a hiker or just a person who wants to run my biggest advice is to surround yourself with like minded people and make sure you learn form and to be safe and keep your self from being injured. I love writing in my blog and I hope who ever reads my blog enjoys my adventures as welbadger hikel.

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