Baby, It’s Cold Outside….

Baby, It’s Cold Outside….

Are you running in this cold spell? Are you staying Rehydrated?

This time of year I run my best and fastest. It’s safe to say I am a cold weather runner. I love feeling the frost on my face in the mornings; Feeling the cold and bite of the frost gives me more energy and faster times. One thing I notice is that I am not as thirsty as I should be. I have to force myself to drink water and my favorite hydration drink. (Rehydrate). When cold weather finally settles in, I find it harder to stay properly rehydrated . I start hydrating myself when I wake up. I drink a nice glass of water. I also love a nice cup of hot chocolate after a freezing run. after I drink my Rehydrate. This time of year is my favorite time with the frost on the ground and trees. Were I live we don’t usually get much snow at all. Mostly ice and frost.

In reality people just are not thirsty in this cold weather.

“We lose a great deal of water from our bodies in the winter due to respiratory fluid loss through breathing. Our bodies also are working harder under the weight of extra clothing, and sweat evaporates quickly in cold, dry air.”(Sharon Keeler ,UNH Study).

Remember when out in this cold weather our bodies are not feeling the triggers of thirst and to keep our core temperature up, we need to be hydrated correctly. Drink lots of healthy fluids to keep your self warm and to keep your body working at its top performance on the run. Also remember these tips.

      • your core is working hard keeping you warm, it leaves your hands and feet more likely to get frostbite.
      • Wear gloves

    • Wear warm socks
    • Wear a hat to keep your head warm
    • Wear the proper shoes and/or shoe ice gaurds

  • Run in a place that has been maintained ( ice is hard to see, avoid the wet looking pavement areas)
  • Smile and enjoy the scenery and weather.

For more of the Science on this subject here is a great article I have found.
Rehydrate information video


Source: Cold Weather Increases Risk Of Dehydration
UNH Study Gives Insight Into Why We Feel Less Thirsty

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