Christmas is here and the food is so delicious

Christmas is here and the food is so delicious

How do we survive the great food months…..Holidays mean great big yummy fatty yummy food. The temptation is usually to great, to sustain from the treats and pies, that come with traveling and sitting.

Here are some tips that I find very helpful during the holidays:

  1.  Sign up for the holiday fun run/walk 5k. Every town has one or close by. I have signed up for our local Turkey Trot 5k to find a trot near you click this link. Now you are off to a good start for your day.
  2. Out of town, that is ok. Go for a fun family walk around the community you are in, or to a local park and play football, basket ball, anything that gets your heart rate up. Kids love grown ups to play against them. My husband always plays in the church Turkey bowl football game. Adults vs Youth .
  3. Never go back for seconds. One thing I know on Thanks giving is there’s plenty of food to go around. Eat one Serving and then wait an hour or two, before hitting the food line again.
  4. Take your left overs home for tomorrow. Want a piece of that pie???? That’s ok just wait for tomorrow at lunch to eat it.
  5. Don’t stuff yourself so full at one sitting you have to undo your pants. That is a big no no.
  6. Keep it simple and easy. Eat till your almost full then wait to eat again moderation is the key on these holiday feasts.
  7. Most importantly eat slow, savor, and enjoy the feast you, or your family has prepared. Enjoy your day with lots of activities, and you will make it throught this holiday and on to the next one with ease.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays. I love having family and friends over and the abundant supply of food. In my 42 years one thing I have learned is no matter what, I always have left overs, and never gone with out that piece of fudge or pie. It all taste just as good over the next few days.

Hope you all enjoy the Christmas season as much as we do at our house!

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