Are You Prepared For Cold Weather Running?

Are You Prepared For Cold Weather Running?

The Fall is officially here! Are you prepared for running in the cold weather?

These are the most important tips I have learned the hard way when running in the cold.

    1. WARM UP ! Always warm up your muscles before running in the cold weather. So many people skip this most important step. This is the biggest reason for running injuries. “A proper warmup increases heart rate, breathing rate, and blood flow to the muscles,” says Ann Alyanak, a University of Dayton coach who placed seventh at the 2008 U.S. Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials.(Runnersworld magazine). One of the biggest mistakes we make is doing the same warm up everyday. Depending on the length of the race or run will depend on your warm up. It is very important to know what kind of warm up you need to do for the run or race you are about to set out on. To learn more about a proper warm up read more here.
    2. CLOTHING- It is important to wear layers, and find clothing that is made for the colder weather.
    3. cold run winter layering chart
    4. SOCKS – Look at your socks and determine if your socks are dead. A dead sock is a sock that is stretched out and no longer holds form. So many of us need socks so much sooner then we want to buy them. I personally love the double layer sock (Wright Sock) is my favorite brand. They seem to live the longest for my feet. I do not get blisters and they keep my feet dry in hot weather or cold weather.

  1. SHOES: Depending on where you live you may need some extra traction on ice and snow. I would recommend this cold weather ice shoesRemember that anytime you change your shoes, or the way you are running start out slowly. Just adding these to your shoes can be a major change to your body. Start with running a mile a couple times before heading out for long runs.Your body needs to have a chance to adjust to this small change and you do not cause injury to your knees or hips etc….
  2. PROTECT YOUR HEAD AND HANDS – wear a hat or head band to protect

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