Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday

When running it is very important to keep yourself hydrated. Water is great but I believe we need a little more when running or working out hard. I want a drink that has the ability to refuel me and keep me healthy. So many drinks out there are loaded with sugar and do not have any nutritional value to them. That is why I love the Advocare Rehydrate. To learn more about Rehydrate click  the video below for a quick review of this product.

  • Helps the body stay hydrated during physical activity
  • Provides a full spectrum of crucial electrolytes for improved electrolyte balance
  • Includes amino acids to help feed your muscles
  • Fuels your body with carbohydrates for energy production and sustained muscle endurance
  • Contains antioxidants to fight free radicals commonly produced during exercise
  • Helps prevent cramping during and after exercise
  • Comes in 5 different Flavors!

Learn more by Watching this Video


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