Wellness Wednesday : Help with Stress

Wellness Wednesday : Help with Stress


We all feel it and deal with stress at some point or another. I run most of my stress off these days, but somedays I need a little extra help. I have found a supplement called Oasis by Advocare, that I absolutely love. This drink takes me down a notch when my day gets too hectic. I am a busy mom of 2 kids in the home and worries of a mom with 2 adult children out of my home one off to college and the other working hard to make it in this world. As mothers we all have different levels of stress, from worries to remembering our next appointment, or sporting event, we need to be at. We can feel like we are needed in 3 different places at once. Here are 3 tips I try to do when I feel the overwhelmness of life coming on:

  1. Run!! Whenever I can get it in. (mornings, noon, evenings, after everyone is in  bed..)
  2. Drink an Oasis from Advocare
  3. Make sure I get enough sleep at night.

Watch this video to explain Oasis

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