6 Tips To Control Your Breathing

6 Tips To Control Your Breathing

Breathing is the hardest part to learn for beginner runners. Here are some tips I used to get my heavy labored breathing under control.

  1. Check how you breathe: Put one hand on your chest, the other on your abdomen and breathe. Your hand on the abdomen should be moving out and in and your hand on your chest should be relatively still. When you chest breathe while running you feel tense shoulders going up and down.
  2. When walking/warmup: For 1 minute focus on your breathing, breathe slow deep breaths.
  3. Pick up the pace: Continue to focus on your breathing for 1 minute intervals.
  4. Slow jog: Deep slow breaths, as you start to jog/run start counting your strides.
  5. Breathe Patterns: 2-2 ratio 3-3 ratio 4-4 ratio to your breaths and strides breathe in count strides Left Right, then move to LRL etc…

Pilates 2 times a week. Pilates will help you focus on flexibility, strengthen your core and improve your breathing.

Breathing and running takes alot of practice. Whenever you start your warm up start the Breathe pattern process everytime. This will ensure muscle memory and help to kick in your breathing patterns automatically when starting a run or race. Soon you will not even have to think about breathing and you will see a huge difference in your endurance and running distances.

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