Todays Challenge Word

Todays Challenge Word


How do we EMERGE from where we are?

We are in an act of growing… we are in between from where we were to were we are going.

We are always emerging in the fitness world. We are always living an emerging life. Our bodies and minds are in a contant change cycle. Our minds will never go back to where we were, when we first started this fitness journey. It does not matter if you are looking for weightloss, endurance, or bulking up. We have to EMERGE constantly to find a new path to train to. I love the word EMERGE because for me and my running I am always moving forward to longer distances. I am achieving new goals I never thought possible for someone like me.

When you feel a Set back always remember that setback is still letting you Emerge into the person you are going to be. NOT the person your were!

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