That Day I Decided to Try the 24 Day Challenge

That Day I Decided to Try the 24 Day Challenge


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Check out the 24 day challenge by Advocare, a company that has one of the best reputations for supplements and weight loss/ life style change system that works. This system works so well I can show you my very own results.

My quick story:

When we first were introduced to Advocare we were very skeptical. My husband was the first to try the products tried the Spark and immediately loved it! No nasty after taste and no crash later. He finally convinced me to try some products and WOW I lost 15 pounds in 12 weeks. I look great and have kept the weight off for 5 years. Before I was too tired to chase after the kids and exercise. Now I am not only working out, I am now running and training for Ragnar Relays and 10k races. Just the great feeling and energy I now have has made us want to share the products with everyone we know. My friends and family are getting healthier using the products and as a result we are making a nice plan B income….soon to be our main income.The free vacations are definitely a bonus! I will always be greatful to this wonderful company from the leaders, other Distributors, to the Doctors that formulate the products ALL are Champions.

before advocare photo

Before pic size 9:Slouchy was the way I felt …no confidence, trying to hide in my pictures.

after pic size 5

After pic with a great smile, standing tall, confidence returning and proud to stand to the side of my daughter. Love taking pictures again. Size 5!!!

Watch this video to give you the overview of the 24 day Challenge


AdvoCare Workout Series - Can You 24 DVDs Level 1

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