10 Habits of Successful Runners

10 Habits of Successful Runners

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Successful Runners do not appear overnight, though they sure make it look easy. Successful runners follow 10 habits to get to their fullest potential.

  1. They run out of their comfort zone:They more from their bodies each time they run. That doesn’t mean you run till you have a heartattack. It simply means you add more distance or endurance to each run a little at a time, until you find your red, yellow and green zones…green is a leaisure sunday run no pressure, yellow is building a sweat and maybe some inclines, Red is still being able to talk but pushing the muscles and endurance a little more then usual runs. When you find your red zone, develop it, and those are the runs that when your done you say ” YA !that was a good run”
  2. They learn technique and form first: They learn how to run first to keep themselves from getting injured right out of the gate. A successful runner knows what they are doing to get the most from their bodies. If we just start running 5 miles without proper form, chances are you will be injured before your first race.
  3. Ask Advice: Successful runners always talk to other runners, coaches. or trainers, and listen to their advice and are not afraid to say “Oops I was doing that wrong” or change up their running form or foot strike etc…
  4. Get lost in small details: Successful runners find a goal and runs toward that goal with determination. They dont sweat the small stuff. They leave their house and get their run in for the day, without stressing about how they look or how people are looking at them.
  5. Focus: Successful runner are able to focus on one race at a time. they are able to train for the next race and add races to their calendars all the time. They always have an upcoming race to train for.
  6. Don’t Lie to Yourself: Successful runners know they are not perfect, and they will encounter problems both internally and externally. NO excuses and do not deny your own potential.
  7. No Procrastination: Successful runners get out and get it done no matter how busy their day or weekends are. They wake up early and go to bed early. They understand the value of time, energy, and training to be a great runner.
  8. Love to hear feedback: To become better you have to have the ability to listen to those around you that want to help you become the best you can be. Feed back is what makes you a stronger and better person all around.
  9. They Don’t Let the past dictate the future: They dont dwell on the last run or last race. They move on and train for the upcoming event to be better then the last one.
  10. No NEGATIVITY: My favorite do not let those naysayers into your life there is just no room for them. Stay positive and uplifting to yourself and others around you . You feel healthier, happier, and stronger as you run with positive people around you at all times.

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source 10 habbits of successful people


By Carl Preston

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