Fridays Challenge Word

Fridays Challenge Word


I am always looking for ways to be uplifting. There are 2 different kinds of people in this world.

  1. UPLIFTERS raise you up and inspire you all the time
  2. DOWNERS the ones that take you down and feel bad about yourself or what you are doing.

I chose to be an UPLIFTER to people around me and my family. I have made the decision 6 years ago. I decided it was time for me to be in shape and get my healthy body back. I am not talking about the weight I lost, that was just a bonus. I am talking about over all health. My mental state, my eating habits, and finding my life again after having 3 kids and multiple foster children. It was time to worry about me again. I went through my social media and “cleaned house.” All those people that were posting all the negative posts were now unfriended or I turned off their notifications to my site. I cannot believe what a difference this had made in my life. Pretty soon I was surrounded with all the positive people and my days were going better. I was feeling better, I started eating better, and finally found postive people to start walking with. I found people I never thought of before as my friends and inspiration. The more I started interacting with them, the more I started working out, and feeling confident again. One small step on social media made the difference in my happiness. This is what worked for me, and it may work for you too. Try it and see how much your life can change by changing it to being more UPLIFTING in others lives and inviting the UPLIFTING people more into your life. Go out this weekend and find someone who needs some uplifting and give them a phone call or a visit!

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