Why Diets Fail

Why Diets Fail

Most people fail at their diets, because they dont stick with their life goals for themselves. The top reasons why they fail at their diets:

  • Too many rules, alot of diets are too picky with foods to eat and not eat.
  • Unrealistic meal portions..still hungry
  • Unsatisfied cravings…
  • Eating at the wrong time
  • Not eating enough to sustain energy
  • cheat days

Let’s look at the above reasons more closely. When starting the latest fad diet, the diet requires to strict your food choices, or the diet does not have a balanced meal to level your sugar levels and keep them from spiking up or down. When looking into a lifestyle change not diet, learn how to eat the right foods for your body and medical needs. Example low potassium levels can make you feel tired or depressed, are you diabetic, heart disease etc…all play a factor in what kind of foods to eat.

Unrealistic food portions…no one wants to feel like they are starving or depriving themselves of food period. Plan out in advance the foods you like and the foods that are healthy for your meals and don’t be afraid to try new recipes. Keep yourself from falling into the same ole food funk. Mix it up. Eat Breakfast within the first hour of waking up. This helps speed up and set your metabolism for the day. Get your protien in throughout the day and eat 5 times a day. This will help your meals to be smaller meals without over eating and feeling hungry all day long.

Unsatisfied cravings…this is a biggie for me I love my ice cream and chocolate! I use supplement through out the day to help with this, but I find if my eating is on a schedule, I dont have this problem too much like I used to when dieting. Eating at the wrong times. Eating large meals for dinner and skipping breakfast is not a good thing to do. Our bodies are a machine and if you starve then over feed your machine it will not work effeciently. Your body will feel starved at breakfast and store as much as possible at dinner time, and it’s very hard to lose weight this way. By eating multiple times a day and keeping your body fueled, you will start to lose weight. Your body will not be worried and will not store food excessively.

Eating too lightly, again your body will not work effeciently and can lead to health problems. If you are not feeding it enough to sustain energy, you will be tired, and possibly dehydrated etc… Eat enough at a meal or snack to sustain your body and exercise programs. Alot of your programs come with an eating guide stick to it.

Cheat days, we all use them and have them. The one thing that I do not like about cheat days is people overuse the day. Dont over eat one day just because its cheat day. Stick to your lifestyle change everyday of the week. You can still have a sweet treat, but keep it as a treat, or dont have the treat if you really dont crave it. Save these cheat days for the emergency ice cream outing once in a while with the family or date night.

When looking at a diet I always cringe just that 4 letter word makes me want ice cream and candy bars. I never use the word diet in my vocabulary.  Growing up I would “Diet” all the time and always gained a couple pounds. It didnt take me long to figure out I am not a person that can diet. It wasn’t untill I was in my mid 30’s I actually found a life style change that really worked, and allowed me to fullfill those ice cream and candy bar cravings. I used a system that let me eat but taught me when and how to eat, and how much to eat at meal time. Also with this system it taught me how to supplement my food, and how to do the supplements in a way that my body would be able to burn what I ate.I take supplements to help sustain my energy, and cut my cravings. I am also allowed to eat some of my yummy foods as well. Although I have found I really don’t want the sweets like I used too. I find myself actually craving healthy foods like salads, apples, oranges etc….


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