5 Reasons To Be A Morning Person

5 Reasons To Be A Morning Person

I have a really hard time being a morning person. I love my bed especially on these cool mornings that are here in fall. I used to love my night runs, but have found mornings to work a lot better then night time for my time management. I am a homeschool mom and my kids love their evening sports. My husband alos likes to spend time with me and he is home in the evenings. These reasons are why I decided I need to be a morning person. This is how I tricked my brain into enjoying my morning runs and workouts.

1. Time with family

2. Keeping my healthy lifestyle

3. Energy for my day

4.  Watch the Sunrise over the Columbia River (always a new picture)

5.  Peaceful runs (No other runners on the trail)

These 5 reasons make my mornings the perfect time to get up super early, and get ready for my day. I feel refreshed and the stress of the day has been cleared from my mind. I am ready to power through all obstacles that come with a busy hectic schedule. I still will run at night.  I am so glad to have my morning runs. I know that my night runs are just a pleasant exercise I need by the busy day. Night runs are a great way to clear my mind before bedtime.


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