5 Tips To Change from Road Running to Trail Running

5 Tips To Change from Road Running to Trail Running

I started out as a road runner, running forward and pushing myself against time and distance. I have found that trail running suits me better. I still love to road run, and find that I am faster and faster on the road, as I continure my trail runs. Although my trail runs always take me a lot longer to run the same distance. These are two different sports completely, they both use different muscle groups. Trail running will give your other muscles a recovery while working your glutes ,core and calves. Trail runners tend to have nice bigger calves and core muscles, because the terrain forces different movements of the body, then just powering forward all the time.

Here are 5 tips that I found have helped me go from the road to the trail:

  1. Find a good trail shoe, road shoes are ok to start in, but easily slip on rocks and uneven ground. I found I need a more stable shoe, and more grip through the damp ground.
  2. Softer surface is less impact on our bodies.
  3. Morning runs as the sun comes up puts a whole new outlook on your day. Evenings runs are a perfect way to end the day and get a better night sleep.
  4. Balance workout is forced on your body and only makes your ankles stronger and balancing better.
  5. Pick a trail that will train you for your next big race. Pick one with hills and different surfaces.mt rainier trail pic

Using these tips have helped me cross over from road running to trail running and back again. I find it very important for recover of our muscles to switch it up and you will see a great difference in your performance. Remember when out on the trail to relax enjoy the nature and put your watch away. You will never run a trail faster then your road pace. I have had some grueling workouts trying to do just that.

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