AHHHH!Relief after a long hard workout

AHHHH!Relief after a long hard workout

Best ways to find relief after a long hard workout. We all feel the effects in our muscles when we finish our long hard workout. The workout it self doesn’t matter if its strength, cardio, or core. If we are doing our workouts correctly, we will feel it in the muscles we used during our long workout. When I am done running a grueling run, for training or hill repeats I have sore legs.  Here are the ways I cope with my post work out recovery.

  • Cool down stretch.
  • Rehydration, I drink lots of water and a special rehydrate drink, during and after my workout. I drink this to replenish my amino acids, antioxidants, and potassium, and other electrolytes, and add carbs my body needs for energy, and to heal my muscles. Watch this Quick Video.
  • Post work out Recovery drink that specializes in healing muscles
  • I soak my muscles every night in a warm bath, to help loosen the muscles up and improve my circulation.
  • Recover and rest days between

These are usually what’s needed for me, but if you still experiencing a lot of soreness, you can also include, or do these other types of recovery.

  • Light Massage
  • Ibprofen
  • Hot/cold treatment
  • Muscle rub

If you still continue to have a great soreness you may have a bigger problem like an injury to heal up. Make sure your exercise regimine is always in line with your self assessment of what you can physically due at the time of the workout. Never put off your stretching, always do a warm up stretch and cool down stretch. Do Not Over Workout and Over Stress your muscles. Stay injury free, so you can enjoy your workouts and have fun!

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