OUCH! My Back,5 Tips On Lifting

OUCH! My Back,5 Tips On Lifting

Correct Posture is crucial when starting a weight lift program.

The first thing to establish is your strength level, before selecting weights. Stop ! Remember we do not want to train like a pro the first time out! That is a sure way to end up with injuries . Now you need to chose a weight program that suits your level of strength. This can be very overwhelming. I found a lot of programs on the internet, find a reputable sight. Find a sight that has an exercise library, or a resource that shows you exactly how to perform the exercises, prior to doing the workout. Posture and form is very important. When lifting you do not want to over use your back. We have all been told,” Lift with your legs not your back.” When lifting weights you want to use your legs and arms, but your back will also need strengthening to properly lift the larger amounts of weights.weight lifting Find a program that will strengthen your back as well as arm muscles and legs. Some exercises for the back are band exercises, squats, twists. This is where form is really important you do not want to put to much strain on your back.The program you use should outline a beinning program, and as you start lifting the program should be able to build on the prior program gradually. As you get stronger you are able to add in more weight and more reps.

Here are my 5 tips on lifting:

  1.  You will need to train more then 2x a week.
  2. 24 hour rest between each work out. Muscles need time to repair. Lower body one day, upper body next and rest days in between.
  3.  8-12 repetitions should be performed until feeling tired; again with a weight heavy enough that the muscle is tired and unable to continue without a 30-90 second rest period.
  4. Make sure each rep is slow, and controlled count 4 seconds to do a complete rep.
  5. keep your rest short between reps and only about 1 minute rest between sets.

Follow these tips and you will go from the above picture, to looking more like this. Don’t forget to buy a Workout journal to keep track of you daily workout and rest days.

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