Why Yes I Do Find Black Toe Nails Sexy

Why Yes I Do Find Black Toe Nails Sexy

Black Toe Nails Are Getting Me Down

Well now its official I am a true trail runner. I have two toe nails turning black! Would love some feedback on trail runners or runners in general. How to care for my black nails. They do not hurt, which is a good thing for my upcoming mountain race. I am told, not much can be done about them.

I am a person who needs to learn and find out exactly what caused this condition, and how to prevent my toes from turning black in the future.

There are two most common reasons our toes turn black while we run.

  1. Reptetitive trauma to the top of the shoe striking the nail while running. Usually no pain.
  2. Subungual Hematoma less common, but painful.


When we run and our shoes have inadequate space in the toes, this can cause the first issue,Repetitive trauma. Repetitive trauma is caused when our toe nail keeps hitting the tip of the shoe, and causes discoloration of the nail. This is usually unpainful and will go away when your vigorous training stops. Now you are able to relax after that big race you trained for. To prevent this from happening, you will need a new shoe with adequate toe space. I have found the Altra running shoe has a very  wide toe box shoe with lots of toe space.black toe due to training

The second issue is more serious and may need to be seen by a doctor. Subungual Hematoma is painful, and causes the feeling of being stepped on the toe, or having a heavey object dropped on your toe. The blood is accumulating under the nail and causes a throbbing and pressure type of pain. Your doctor may need to relieve the pressure by drilling a hole into the nail to relieve the pressure.hematoma black nail

Remember there are other causes for black toes that include fungal infection, thick nail and discoloration and Melanoma. Always have a doctor look at your nail to be on the safe side, and to recieve the correct treatment. Don’t let those black toe nails get you down!

When that grueling long run training is over allow your toes to heal up, before starting the training for your next race. You need your feet for everything you do, so make sure they are taken care of properly.

Source Runners World

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