Finding the Right Running Shoes

Finding the Right Running Shoes

The shoes you wear when running determines a lot whether you attain your goals or not. You need to have running shoes that help promote good running form. Note that if you wear the wrong shoes you have high risk of getting injuries, that will dampen your health and fitness program.

Injuries include soar knees, hips, ankles, and shoulders anywhere that your form is off by. When picking a new shoe you need to check and see that if you are standing strait, your feet are well supported in the arches and outter area of the foot.


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The diagram shows the different ranges our feet will be in the wrong shoe. When trying on shoes look in a mirror where you can see your ankles and balance on your feet. I would recommend going to a running specialty store that has trained staff to help you with your first set of shoes. A lot of times we buy the wrong size of shoe not knowing that it is the wrong size. Take these steps when buying new shoes:

  • Be professionally sized by a trained staff member
  • Find a good stable shoe that fits your arch and heel
  • Don’t let your heel slide out of the shoe
  • Walk and run in the store,or on the sidewalk outside of store.
  • Wear the shoe for 20 minutes around the store, if any part of the foot has pain . The shoe is not right for you.
  • May try a shoe insert if needed or recommended.

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