How To Achieve Your Personal Best

How To Achieve Your Personal Best

How to achieve your personal best. People tend to look at health, fitness and exercise as a dreary problem with an unattainable solution.

To achieve your personal best there are 2 major factors we must take into consideration.

  1. Stand tall….when we don’t focus on our posture we look weak. The way we look effects the way we feel. Stand up strait, chin up shoulders back, chest out this will also make us appear thinner. I always do a shoulder roll when standing up to relax myself and set my shoulders back. After doing this a few times it will become automatic.
  2. Look Confident….even when we feel your most vulnerable we can always look like we know what we are doing, and where we are going. Smile, look people in the eye when you talk, or pass them on the street. Practice saying hi with a smile, to strangers as you walk down the aisle in the supermarket.

Now that you can do these first 2 major factors you are ready to take your next step at becoming your personal best.

The first step to attaining your first fitness goal is know what you want to achieve. What do you need to make better for yourself to reach your personal best self.

  1. Know exactly what your goal is????? too many people buy a gym membership or start a group and fail. They fail because they are not sure where to start and they start at the wrong step. It took me a long time to figure this out. I wish someone was there to really ask that question. “What is your goal, health ,mental attitude, fitness ,exercise, weightloss, strength, weight gain?” My results would have been a lot better to attain and stick to, if I answered these questions.
  2. Who do you want to be? How do you picture yourself at your personal best.
  3. No more excuses. Everyone has a busy schedule, finances, no time…stop those excuses! In the real world we know that if you want something bad enough, you will always find the time, and the money to get it.
  4. Preplan the next 2 weeks meals. We all preplan our trips and vacations, so there is no excuse to take 10 minutes and plan your meals out. Plan 5 servings a day fruits and veggies.  3 of those servings come with breakfast, lunch an dinner. That leaves 2 snacks in the day.
  5. Self Assesment 
  6. Pick exercises you like to do…Are you a city or country gal, do you like the gym or outdoors. This is very important to get your routine going. I am a country girl in a city. I like the gym in the winter, we get cold in my area but no snow to play in. I love being outdoors all other times. Running works well for me. I can do that all year round, and go to a gym a couple months out of the year. Alot of gyms will offer classes you can pay for and not be gym members. Save money by just picking a class, and not a year membership.
  7. Pick the time of day that works for you. Morning, noon, or night, I run at all times. I have a very flexible schedule, I homeschool my children, run them to their sporting events, I am very busy. Sometimes a lunch workout is best. Remember we only need 15-30minutes, 3 times a week to make a difference.clock running
  8. Stick to your weekly plan! Have a plan B for missed workouts and make up days.
  9. Leave your comfort zone.…this is when the excuses start popping into our minds…remember NO excuses. When it gets challenging that is good! We want challenging! Keep challenging yourself, dont let your workout become boring or easy. Switch it up change from weight class to spinning etc..or running during summer or cool months.
  10. Record your workouts. I write on my calender number of miles I run, and add them up every Friday. You will be surprised at how fast it accumulates at the end of the week.

The most important part is brag about your exercise. ” I ran 1 mile up hill today yay!” Reinforce your accomplishments. Virtual runs are great way to reward your training for the next race. ( I am a runner so alot of my examples go toward running, this is how I am successful at reaching my goals.) Reward yourself !running medal

Notice the Bold writing of Self Assesment thats because before I am done with this article, I wanted to talk more about the self assesment. We all know the scientific way to self assesment

  • BMI body mass index
  • Cardio
  • Weight

We have doctors that should and are keeping track of that and yes it is very important for you to keep track of too. Dont misunderstand me, but I am not a big fan of knowing BMI, or Weight. because I have a heart diseas I do keep track of cardio.

I dont own a scale, hate them, they caused me to stress and have anxiety all the time growing up. I was underweight in school. I would gain a pound maybe two, the next day my weight would vary again. that was not good on my mental health. So I refuse to have one in my home. I have learned as a person that started her fitness journey weighing 130 pounds 5’2 and size 9 can be very happy at 128 still 5’2 and between a size 3 or 5. That is me. Weight is only 2 pounds. I leaned up, and worked out, and now look better then before. For a real assesment test your strength. Test your upper body, and test your lower body, use a personal trainier one time. What level of weights can you lift, what is the reality of how far you can run. How much cardio you can start at.  Start where your body is comfortable, because in a week you will start to leave that comfort zone, and start challenging your self every week, with the list above. And soon you will be standing tall, looking confident and not faking it at all. You will automatically be thinner in pictures, and look your personal best.


Source Strong is the New Skinny


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