How to Find Your Innermost Strength in a Positive Way

How to Find Your Innermost Strength in a Positive Way

The hardest journey to any life changing event is keeping your innermost self happy and strong. Finding strengths instead of weaknesses. The hardest person we have to please is the voice in our own heads. Finding our inner strength, means we need to get 3 parts of our bodies to work together in a positive and motivational way. The three parts that must work together is our head, mouth, and our muscles.
When a fitness plan comes by me on social media or through a referral the first thoughts in my head are the things I write down. Those first thoughts are important, because those are the thoughts that are going to either work with, or against a person when deciding on a fitness program.

Our head holds our thoughts, if I told you today we were running 10 miles and doing 100 pushups what is going through your head right now?…..Mine is saying “yea right! I am going to be dead at 3 miles and forget about pushups”

We need to be able to get control of those thoughts, and make them positive and motivational…Changing your thoughts should be easy, because we have control over our own bodies, right? We need to stop the negative thought and turn it into a positive thought ” Yes I can do this even though it is going to be hard, and I may need to walk, but I am NOT going to die! I will get at least 10 pushups in here and there at the end.”When we change our thoughts to a positive motivational level, we will start to see change in the other 2 parts the mouth and muscles.I Can do this

The thougths will turn into postitve words that speak from your mouth. Another good exercise for the mouth is to start talking nice to your self.  Simple sentences …I can do this… I am still alive after that grueling hill repeat workout…I feel good….I look good…I am fitting into my clothes better…whatever you hear negative turn into a positive. Our thoughts are different in each of our heads. While doing this you will start to smile more and see your self confidence grow. People will start seeing your innermost self come out to the surface.

Our bodies will start to change we will start to get leaner our muscles will start showing little by little. Clothing will be easier to wear no matter what size you are. Challenges will be easier so we will need to find new challenges…for example steeper hills to run, longer distance or heavier weights, add in another class, start a new class, what ever you are doing that you enjoy do more of.

A few tips to keep out negativity

  • cut out the negativity from your social media. this means unfriend anyone who is negative all the time. I have been known to cut out family as well as friends.(at least turn off notifications if you can’t unfriend them)
  • surround yourself with postitive friends…
  • find the beauty in your surroundings…(a bird in your backyard a smile from your child keep it simple)
  • Smile Smile Smile all the time make yourself smile and say hi to those aroung you
  • When Negative Nancy enters your mind, smile back at yourself and counter it with, I can do this, I can do all things.

Join a group that is at your own fitness level.

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