Goals to Kick in Your Fall/Winter Workouts

Need new goals to kick in your fall/winter workouts!

Now that it is August and school is getting ready to start and schedules are going to be chaos again. It’s time to set up those winter goals for your workouts.

Goal tips for winter workouts:

  • Find a buddy to hold you accountable
  • Have a friend who will compete with you. Set up an app that will publish your workout duration and compete with a friend on social media. Competition is always a great way to keep pushing yourself.
  • Set a concrete goal, marathon or 5k, or body building competition, in the spring, have something to look forward too.
  • Do not set up unrealistic goals. example running long distances in snow and extreme cold,
  • Remember its cold and you need to stay warm, set up short outside workouts,
  • Make time for the gym! late night or earlier workouts.
  • Always have a back up plan for the uncontrolled weather days winter will bring.
  • Write your weekly goals down on a schedule.


These tips help me get my run on through out the winter. I try to have an event every 3 months to keep me training for. Look for your local events and sign up. By early signup for events you save money and you committ yourself to another 12 weeks of training. Short term goals will always get you to the long term goal everytime. Good luck with your goals, and hang in there when the weather is bad. The weather is always the one thing we cannot control. Set up your weekly back up plan. Stick to a goal sheet week by week.


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