Warm Up? Why?

Warm Up? Why?

Warm ups before running are very important, and exercise you do not want to miss in your everyday routine. I found that when I do a 5-10 minute warmup before I leave the house, I alleviate a lot of pain issues or problem areas. When running I have  ankle pain that was becoming a constant pain, and I had to take time out of my Ragnar training to deal with my foot and ankle. I did some research on the part of the foot and ankle that was causing me issues. I learned that I needed to add to my warm up exercises. The exercises I do is an interval warm up consisting of

20 second jog in place or around the room

20 second jumping jacks

20 second one leg hops/ alternate with heisman

20 second toe flexes on the ground. Flexing my feet as far down as they go to stretch the top of my calves. very helpful to reduce shinsplints.

I repeat this 4 times and every morning that I have started this before my runs I have felt so much better.

When I get to the destination of my trail run I still do my before run stretching and after run stretches which include hip openers.

It is very easy to customize your own warm ups depending on your body. We are all built differently and utilize different parts of the body while exercising. Pick out 4 exercises you like to do that works the part of your body that needs some extra help. Include them into a warmup and repeat for 5-10 minutes prior to any other exercises. You feel such a great difference in your day and self esteem when you feel good after a work out routine.

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