Volunteers Are Paid One Big Way…SMILE

Volunteers Are Paid One Big Way…SMILE

Today I was out on my run. It was my first run back from taking a week off for my feet to rest. I thought a lot of community service and volunteering. I have always made sure my kids are volunteering or doing some kind of service for someone, in our church, or an organization in our community. My eldest daughter loved volunteering at the dog shelter. Our local dog shelter is always in need of some kind of volunteer.  The more I run, the more I have time to think.  I have decided to get involed in volunteering to my interests. My first volunteer race was a triathalon. Now I have signed up to volunteer for the Dualathon and one other race this month. My goal is to volunteer at least twice a month with local events.

These are the reasons I volunteer my time.

  • Faith- the Lord has shown me by example how important charity is to him.
  • The happy and positive feelings I get for the rest of the day knowing I helped put this project together.
  • Set a great example for my children
  • To meet wonderful people who have similar intersts and make some really great friends.
  • Creates happiness all around me.

Who does not want to feel all these great feelings.

I know that volunteering is not easy for the hard working fitness guru’s we are. There just is not enough hours in our day. I can promise you that if you go to your local community sites, you will find something you like to help with. One great site I use is “Just Serve” click here.

Another great way to volunteer is to talk to you local gyms, fitness groups, and running groups. They will have information on any upcoming events. I am sure the event will need more volunteers. I have never been turned down for any volunteer time ever. Remember all volunteers are paid in SMILES.

I challenge all of you to find a project of your own, that is close to your heart and volunteer before our beautiful summer is over.

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