Weak Ankles? Lets Make Them Strong…

Weak Ankles? Lets Make Them Strong…

I am trail runner and as a trail runner we are always running over rough and uneven terrain. I am training for my first Ragnar Relay. I have noticed my weakest point on my body is my ankles. With my locked ankle joints my range of motion is very restricted. I have had to find exercises my ankles could do. I cannot do any exercises that ask me to make circular motions with my feet. These are 4 exercises, that really helped my ankles get stronger.

First I do a 4 minute warm up before any exercise.

My 4 minute warm up consists of these exercises repeat 4x.

20 seconds jog in place

20 seconds jumping jacks

20 ski hops (side to side, no twisting at the waist)

20 seconds heismans

Ankle Strengthen exercises

  1. Power jack squats  (make a fist with hands and do jumping jacks by pumping your arms strait up to the ceiling and landing in a squat position. Land softly. repeat 10X
  2. One leg hops ( Stand on one leg raise your knee hip heighth and hop lightly with elbow in at the waist. Keep your core tight. this will help with balance as well. 10x on each leg
  3.  Squat jumps start in a quarter squat and push off the ground with your feet and land softly in squat position repeat 10x

4.  Toe situps Sitting on the floor spine is strait and knees strait out in front of you flex your toes and and bend feet to the floor and up to flex positions repeat 10x.

repeat all 4 exercises 4X 2-3 days a week.

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