The Energizing Fruit That Gives More Energy Than Coffee

The Energizing Fruit That Gives More Energy Than Coffee

Believe it or not but there is a fruit that gives off more energy then a person can get from a cup of coffee. So if you are one of those people that drink more then one cup of coffee a day, take a moment and read this article. I was sitting home and the “The Doctors Show”came on my tv. I am usually not a tv watcher. They were talking about coffee and fruit. It caught my attention because I have alot of family and friends, who drink more than cup a day.”The Doctors”  ran a segment on fruit that gives more energy than coffee. On the show today they talked quickly, that when you feel the urge to down some coffee in the afternoon, to grab fruit instead. Fruit has real natural sugar that gives you natural energy boost you are looking for. One main fruit they talked about was apples. Remember”An Apple a day keeps the Dr. away”

The burning process & sugar in fruit
Everything you eat or drink has to be digested to extract the energy from it.
Your body can extract energy from food in two ways:

  • Burning with oxygen, for sugar and fat (fruit);
  • Burning without oxygen, for proteins (meat/dairy).

– Burning with oxygen,for sugar and fat (fruit)
The energy fruit contains is in the form of sugars (glucose). Your body can easily turn this glucose into energy by using oxygen. When the body burns the sugars with the help of oxygen there are waste products produced. The waste products of this chemical reaction are water and carbon-dioxide. Your body can use the water and disposes of the carbon-dioxide through the lungs by breathing. 
It is a very quick, clean and easy way to extract energy. 

Your body does an excellent job: it extracts 50% of the energy. A combustion engine about 10 to 20%, the rest is lost through heat.

Fruit juice takes only about 15 minutes and raw fruit about 30 minutes to digest!



For the morning runner or excersiser, you will probably want to start skipping the coffee and reach for that apple. That apple will give you up to1 hour of good solid energy and fuel with a quick burn rate to better assist you to your health goals.



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